FINALLY, here is the PINKYSHARES 7 days WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM..... For beginners, follow this PINKYSHARES weight loss program for 7 days... ( but i did this for 28 days and I LOST 21 POUNDS!!!!!!!) With my busy working schedule, I lost almost 30 pounds since August 8 with NO EXERCISE .... Being a Chemist,… Continue reading PINKYSHARES 7 days WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM

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Kale is the MAGIC

We are now working on going back to getting in shape, Juanch started Kale yesterday... The PINKYSHARES Healthy Weight Loss Program (I’m re-posting this because of many friends who messaged me and asking for how I lost weight, for the recipes, please follow my facebook and get the recipes from there) As of posting this,… Continue reading Kale is the MAGIC

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CROSSROADS.... People meet crossroads in life , wherein they will be lost, tempted, feel depressed , may have broken homes, feel abandoned, shattered, lost in financial obligations and sick and they don't know where to go or what to do....DON'T be despaired, in these crossroads of our lives, CHRIST is there carrying us all these… Continue reading “CROSSROADS”

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"COMPETITION is the BEST TEACHER for SUCCESS" Entrepreneurial Lesson for the day... In the business world, competition in all industries is tough. Whether it be the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, communication, trading , showbiz, politics, fashion and beauty, competition makes the challenge more intense, hence, benefiting consumers. I have learned through the years that competition is… Continue reading “COMPETITION is the BEST TEACHER for SUCCESS”

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Mama, when I grow up I will TAKE CARE OF YOU

  Mama, when I grow up I will TAKE CARE OF YOU. Being a working mom, I had to make sure that everything was okay. Until a few years back, I was a single mom. I had a bad annulment that truly changed the course of my life.  I had to juggle work while making… Continue reading Mama, when I grow up I will TAKE CARE OF YOU

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PAIN IN THE ASHES Last month while I was on a business trip in China, my phone was persistently ringing and when I picked it up, my daughter Pianne was shouting: "MOM, Qualibet is on fire, YOU NEED TO COME HOME!!! After hearing this, I got so blinded with fear, and anxiety and I try to… Continue reading PAIN IN THE ASHES

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Working Moms need a Hug too

om Being a working mom, sometimes you feel that your husband thinks you are a super robot as someone who has the answer for everything at home.  Sometimes working moms feel that their husband and children take them for granted. It seems automatic that you make sure that breakfast, "baon" for school (Lunch boxes) and… Continue reading Working Moms need a Hug too

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LETTING GO of Alcoholic working moms in the workplace, or giving them hope?

Letting Go of Alcoholic working moms in the workplace, or giving them hope? Giving them a second chance in life I can clearly remember Rina from a few years back-- She was one of our best managers, and she headed one of the more aggressive divisions in our company. It was truly a blessing having her help… Continue reading LETTING GO of Alcoholic working moms in the workplace, or giving them hope?

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Discipline in the Workplace

“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him” -Proverbs 13:24 Discipline is such a strong word for every working Mom, not only at home but also in the work place. According to the Oxford dictionary,  discipline is “The practice of training people to obey rules or a code […]