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Mama, when I grow up I will TAKE CARE OF YOU

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Mama, when I grow up I will TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Being a working mom, I had to make sure that everything was okay.

Until a few years back, I was a single mom. I had a bad annulment that truly changed the course of my life.  I had to juggle work while making ends meet for my children, not to mention managing 3 companies. 

My annulment was a challenging one, and it left me with almost nothing in my bank account (Thanks to my parents who have been helping me unconditionally), and with cruel people judging my decision to separate. Even then, I had to make sure my children were emotionally secure and filled with love.  I never denied them of their father. They get to stay with him during the weekends while during the weekdays, my 2 daughters stay with me.


On the first 5 years of being a single mom, I had to work double time to make sure my children are well provided for. I tried my best in my own capacity. I make it a point to bring them to school at 6:45 am every morning. I would sit on my desk at 7:45 am to prepare for the day.  My work would extend until the wee hours of the morning then I’d have to wake up early the next day to bring my kids to school.

It was a very tiring routine and there were several times I wanted to give up…


I can clearly remember, it was the night before my birthday, (Honestly I had almost forgotten all about it) and I had a very tough day at work and when I went to my room, I started to cry so hard and I prayed like I never did before.


The night before my birthday ( which I truly forgot ) I knelt down on the floor and started to cry, I prayed to the Lord to ease the burden in my life,, i felt a gush of tiredness and loneliness in my life.  I AM SO TIRED….


Suddenly my 2 daughters came into my room holding a hand-written birthday card and I hugged them so tight, then my daughter Pianne said,

MOM, WHEN I GROW UP, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, you don’t need to work anymore…

I hugged my two children SO tight, and I realized THEY ARE THE VERY ESSENCE OF MY LIFE…

My eldest daughter graduated from Ateneo de Manila University last year and when she graduated, she said,

“IT’S MY TURN MAMA, let me help you, please teach me.”


It’s my birthday once again tomorrow, and I can never forget the most beautiful birthday gifts– Pianne and Karrel.  The Lord truly provides. He allows us to FALL so we can learn how to love more.

4 thoughts on “Mama, when I grow up I will TAKE CARE OF YOU”

  1. Why no photos

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  2. This is a very touching piece you’ve written. I’m sure many mommies can relate to such ordeal. Thank you for sharing this story. It take a special kind of courage and humility to be able to write such piece ❤️


  3. Hi Ms Pinky. Such a beautiful story of love and devotion. I admire your passion in life, perseverenc to succeed but most of all your great love for family and friends. You are truly an inspiration to all. Thanks for sharing. This story trut touched my heart. You are blessed with two wonderful daughters! Regards to Sir Juancho.


  4. Very touching story Ma’am…

    We need to love our parents because sometimes they show to us they are STRONG but deep inside they are tired and they are crying…

    And our parents only need from us is our CARE, TIME and LOVE …..

    Thank you Mam for sharing your story…


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