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Entrepreneurial Lesson for the day…

In the business world, competition in all industries is tough. Whether it be the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, communication, trading , showbiz, politics, fashion and beauty, competition makes the challenge more intense, hence, benefiting consumers.

I have learned through the years that competition is the best inspiration to climb up the ladder of success. When I was much younger and very ambitious, I truly resented competition that I took it personally as a challenge.

But as I aged, I learned that competition is the secret to one’s success. I learned by observing them, studying them (their winnings and their failures) and being inspired by them–they were my best teachers for SUCCESS.


God has allowed me to be mature enough to embrace competition gracefully and make it the key to my success.

It is not the competitors, but the act of competing in the craft.

It is not the person, but the act.

There are some competitors that become friends.

They help each other in times of adversity.

This is the most successful business commercialism.

Compete gracefully, rise above, and conquer with respect and dignity.

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