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Last month while I was on a business trip in China, my phone was persistently ringing and when I picked it up, my daughter Pianne was shouting:

“MOM, Qualibet is on fire, YOU NEED TO COME HOME!!!

After hearing this, I got so blinded with fear, and anxiety and I try to book the first flight out of China to come home. It was the most anxious filled 2 hour plane ride and I was praying so hard to the Lord to please take charge of everything. I surrender my pain to him

After landing in Manila, I didn’t know what to expect. Qualibet is my BABY project. It is my cancer advocacy to protect consumer rights in the Philippines. It is my contribution to the Filipino people.
This is what greeted me when I checked the fire. I felt so NUMB, I couldn’t even get myself to cry. Until today, I cant take the tears in my heart to cry , it was painful seeing it and more painful not being able to BE THERE LEADING THE TEAM to safety.

my heart 1

Meltdown 2

hurt and pain 4

When the fire happened, it was truly a very painful and traumatic experience for me. Thank God nobody got hurt. But it is during these time God allowed me to see TRUE COLORS of people.
A) Friends, clients and business partners who visited, prayed for me, brought food and flowers, and gave me the hug I need. (Until now, I cherish it)
B) Friends and staff and business partners who emailed, sent me a text reassuring me that they are here for me, no matter what storms in life I am facing– The love were overwhelming and it help heal the pain inside.
C) There were so called “friends” pretending to be family: Those who barely even asked how we were while trying to ask for personal and work favors, sell safety and fire equipment without even considering how I was. (I would love to help them but i find it very USER and Taking Advantage )– These are the USER FRIENDLY PEOPLE
ONLY IN PAINFUL and LOWEST MOMENTS do you realize who the people who love you are. My family, my bible study group, and my kikay girls, and some close friends have been my strongest allies thus far…

God has a plan for all these hurts and pain– To open my eyes to people, my staff, and even so called friends who used me, abused me, or lifted me up…

This is the time “THE MASQUERADE HAS ENDED”…you see what’s behind…

viber image

Until today, after 65 days after the fire, I have never cried. I am too afraid to show my team I am weak. I shall always be their strong leader and I believe in everyone in Qualibet. I strongly rely on my bible study group headed by Bulgin Manapat) even though I rarely attend due to a lot of challenges ,because all of them have been praying for my healing and recovery.

In 65 DAYS, Watch out for the bigger and better Qualibet… To God be the praise and glory

16 thoughts on “PAIN IN THE ASHES”

  1. my heart is bleeding while staring at those burned debris. I cannot find a word that truly fits to ease your pain. everything happens for a reason. just believe it that way. our love, concern and prayers will help you and the family recover soon.


  2. Everything happens for a reason. For it’s not how many times you fall down, but its how many times you get back up. 65 days from now, QUALIBET will rise bigger and better! Can’t wait for that to happen Ms. Pinky. Your being strong for all of your staff is the most selfless trait I have admired in you aside from other things.
    One of a kind story of courage and faith of an extraordinaire person in the being of Ms. Pinky Tobiano!


  3. Looking at the pictures of your gutted baby leaves me speechless .. at the same time in awe with how you handled yourself in that situation. I truly admire the strength and resilience you have in you . Despite your pain and loss.. your being kindhearted and selfless reigned.. you thought of the welfare and safety of people .I’m blessed and proud to be friends with you achie.


    1. Looking at the pictures of your gutted baby leaves me speechless.. and in awe at the same time with how you handled the situation. I truly admire your strength and resilience .Despite your pain and loss, the safety and welfare of people in qualibet were your utmost concern. In trying times like these, your true color showed.. your kindness and selflessness reigned. I’m truly blessed and proud to be friends with you achie. May you continue inspiring us all .


  4. Thank you for always being there for Qualibet. You are such a strong woman with a very good heart! With your guidance, Qualibet will rise up again and will be definitely be bigger and brighter!


  5. Thank you mam for being strong and for being a TRUE LEADER to everyone…. I admire Ma’am your TAPANG in facing this trials…

    You show to all of us the true meaning of LEADERSHIP and TEAMWORK…..

    We are so blessed to have you Ma’am…


  6. Ms. Pinky, you showed how tough you are during those times where everyone’s down and shattered. You have showed the difference between a “BOSS”” and a “LEADER”. And we are fortunate enough to have a leader like you. Truly, our society is a huge masked ball and everyone’s wearing their mask . We need to be smart enough to see the person underneath that mask.


  7. Ms. Pinky continue trust and have faith to our LORD everything happens for a reason be strong…God bless and take care


  8. Thank you for the strength and courage that you’re showing as you go through all of these pain, for the FAITH — coz from it I do draw the strength to deal with my own pain, of losing a love and to move forward. Hugging you with my prayers!


  9. You are indeed our inspiration Ma’am… “the greatest glory in life is not in never falling; but in rising everytime we fall.”
    Smile, God loves you and we all love you too.!


  10. Everything happens for a reason Mam. God is good that nobody was badly hurt and lost in that fire. Thank you Mam that despite your pain you are still a pillar of strength for everyone.
    It is in our most trying times that we
    we will discover true families and true friends. God bless always Mam.


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