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Working Moms need a Hug too

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Being a working mom, sometimes you feel that your husband thinks you are a super robot as someone who has the answer for everything at home. 


Sometimes working moms feel that their husband and children take them for granted. It seems automatic that you make sure that breakfast, “baon” for school (Lunch boxes) and dinner is prepared and they need not worry about anything. You make sure that they have their allowances for school. There are times I just feel bad and tell myself, I feel like an ATM (Automated Teller Mommy). Sometimes, it gets sad and lonely.

I clearly remember years ago– One Monday morning, I woke up a bit under the flu and I needed to be at work exactly 8 AM for our Monday morning assembly. As I was rushing to the car (I was a bit late already) and my daughter went up to me and said. “Mom I need you to sign my return slip and I need to pay my PE Uniform.”

Hearing this, I was so upset at my daughter and shouted back- “You should have done this last night, and it’s a Monday morning. I need to be early for work.” I hurriedly signed her return slip and gave her some cash.  I felt that she was very irresponsible and she would only remember when she needed something. She barely kissed me good morning and asked how I was…

The pressure of work was always intense, and I have to walk and lot at work while visiting clients. Thank God for Payless Shoe store, they have great pumps with comfort cushion s which make it perfect for every working mom. I discovered Payless while I was walking in Shangrila mall. The shoes were worth its value for money and ideal for working moms who do a lot of walking and climbing stairs.

After a tough Monday evening, I came home a bit late and realized that they haven’t prepared dinner for me, thinking I was out late for a meeting. That was the tip of the iceberg, I got so angry at my helps and berated my 2 daughters telling them they couldn’t even think of Mommy. Mommy is working so hard for everyone and all I needed was a hot meal.  I stomped up to my room and broke down in tears… Told myself I was so tired and hurt.

Suddenly, my door opened and my daughter just said, “Mama, hug” and she gave me the tightest hug and she said “I’m sorry mom.” I hugged her so tight, and all the pain, hurt, and tears were taken out of my chest.

hug_2It was the most soothing and loving HUG I needed…

Hug your mom today, it is the most soothing salve any working mom can ever have… Thanks Pianne and Karrel for those tight hugs especially when mommy feels sad…

A HUG can make the biggest difference.

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3 thoughts on “Working Moms need a Hug too”

  1. I’ll always hug my Mom everyday.
    because I love her so much and to feel that she’s not alone.

    Thank you pinkyshares! God bless..


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