FINALLY, here is the PINKYSHARES 7 days WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM..... For beginners, follow this PINKYSHARES weight loss program for 7 days... ( but i did this for 28 days and I LOST 21 POUNDS!!!!!!!) With my busy working schedule, I lost almost 30 pounds since August 8 with NO EXERCISE .... Being a Chemist,… Continue reading PINKYSHARES 7 days WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM

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Kale is the MAGIC

We are now working on going back to getting in shape, Juanch started Kale yesterday... The PINKYSHARES Healthy Weight Loss Program (I’m re-posting this because of many friends who messaged me and asking for how I lost weight, for the recipes, please follow my facebook and get the recipes from there) As of posting this,… Continue reading Kale is the MAGIC